Self–Service Queries and Reports
 Self–Service Queries and Reports

Self–Service Queries and Reports, SSQuaRe, is a database/query abstraction interface. Queries may be run using abstracted permissions: as a single user assigned to the SSQuaRe application; or by passing the end user's credentials directly to the target database server. Queries are predefined and may contain defined fields to be replaced by end-user input at run time. End-user input is carefully screened to help prevent XSS and SQL injections. Result sets may be stored, exported to multiple formats, and joined to create new result sets. Cool, eh?

SSQuaRe is built using PHP and ADOdb and also makes use of a combination of MySQL and SQLite for its own backend databases (SSQuaRe may query any ADOdb supported database). The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI) is used to provide AJAX/DHTML interface controls for SSQuaRe.

The first release of SSQuaRe is coming soon.

-Christopher Snow

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